Mirza Ramic · Bass/Keys/Vocals/Misc
Max Lewis · Keys/Programming/Misc
Ben Shepard · Vocals (collaborator)
Dado Ramadani · Visuals/Animation (collaborator)
Fri 10/21/11 @ PA's Lounge, Somerville MA
Fri 11/11/11 @ Tribeca PAC, NYC NY
Boston, MA
Arms and Sleepers are a couple of butt-sniffers who like to sniff butts. Mirza likes Miami Vice and Max likes Home Improvement. I like Home Improvement also. I first encountered these jokers when my old band (Softer) played with their old band (The List Exists) at a college battle of the bands. The List Exists tied for tops.

I never actually met either of them until I booked The List Exists for a trippy basement show way up in Maine, and they assembled the troupe (it was a pretty big group), although they were called Burning Houses, Beautiful Houses for a short time just before they broke up. Mirza & Max stayed in touch with me and sent along some really early demos, several of which went on to form the Bliss EP.

I've worked with Arms and Sleepers since they started, first hosting some of their early shows, then providing a bunch of graphic work for the Black Paris 86 album and subsequent tours, as well as the cover art for Matador. My involvement with them as a label came with the Black Paris 86 vinyl, which was a pet-project of mine that i had to really push for at the start, and which is probably my favorite release that the label has put out thus far; both in music/aesthetics as well as execution. The response to this release has led me to use it as a model for my future vinyl releases.

Anyhow, the duo cranks out so much material that they keep 4 or 5 different labels busy releasing and promoting their new releases. I mostly cherry-pick my favorites and come up with a cool plan to release them on vinyl. 2011 is going to be a busy year for both the band and for the label, as we're executing our first-ever simultaneous release of 2 albums on the same day: vinyl editions of both From The Inland Sea (ER008) and Cinematique (ER009), both arriving March 12 2011.
Portishead, Air, Boards of Canada, Helios
BP86 2xLP write-up @
  • 2006 · Bliss Was It In That Dawn To Be Alive EP (7 song EP / Fake Chapter Records)
  • 2007 · Cinematique (11 songs / self-released)
  • 2007 · Milkweed EP (6 song self-titled EP / Milkweed Records)
  • 2007 · Lautlos EP (5 song EP / self-released)
  • 2007 · Kanal EP (2 song holiday EP + tour DVD / self-released)
  • 2008 · Black Paris 86 (12 songs / Expect Candy Records)
  • 2008 · Black Paris 86 2xLP (ER006 - 14 song 2xLP)
  • 2009 · The Motorist (5 song EP / self-released)
  • 2009 · Matador (10 song CD+LP / Fake Chapter + Expect Candy + Friend of Mine)
  • 2009 · From The Inland Sea (6 song CD split w/The American Dollar, self-released)
  • 2010 · Matador Alternate Verions/B-Sides (7 tracks, self-released)
  • 2010 · Matador Remixed (10 tracks, vinyl on Expect Candy)
  • 2011 · Preventing Lead Poisoning in Young Children (15 track DVD, self-released)
  • 2011 · Nostalgia For The Absolute (12+1 tracks, digital release)
  • 2011 · From The Inland Sea LP (ER008 - 7 song split LP w/The American Dollar)
  • 2011 · Cinematique LP (ER009 - 11 song LP)
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Arms and Sleepers @
Arms and Sleepers @
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