Matt Reed · Guitar
Adam Tedeschi · Guitar
Chris McTarnaghan · Drums
Jay Penman · Keys
Katie Fortier/Allie Lutkevich · Violin (guest)
Motionless is not officially broken up, but they all live in different cities and rarely get together to play shows. Things happen though....

Several members of Motionless now play in Boston-based post-punk band BATTLEHOUSE.
Mansfield & Jamaica Plain, MA
Since its inception in 2001, almost the only thing constant in Motionless was the name. As the band members grew through adolescence in VFW halls and basements, they cycled through several members, experimented with varied instrumentation (and vocals), and morphed through a wide range of styles. In its current and ultimately most stable incarnation, Motionless is an instrumental band consisting of four core members and occasional guest instrumentation. While most easily corralled into the post rock or prog genres, Motionless don't confine themselves to any prescribed sound - journeying from math rock, to ambient to post punk to acoustic/found sounds. Integrating a vintage Fender Rhodes electric piano, brooding guitar melodies and effects with steady consistent drumming, the band constructs and deconstructs the form of rock music.

Motionless' 2006 debut, entitled "The Windmill" is an impressive effort. With a deceptively short tracklist (at only 4 songs), this long-player EP clocks in just shy of 40 minutes. While taking a nod from the sonic scapes of The Appleseed Cast and Explosions In The Sky, Motionless adds a new element to the sound in Jay Penman's growling fender rhodes - almost transparent at times, but most crucial to the overall sound. As each hypnotic cinder smokers away and unfolds, the band uses their time productively - to experiment with an array of effects, dynamics, and moods. Don't be mistaken: even with a seemingly stripped down instrumentation, the members of Motionless are able to weave complex and chaptered narratives without speaking a word - just as effectively (and perhaps moreso) than traditional lyrical rock bands. This is the mark of a truly successful instrumental group.

Fiercely progressive, both musically and ethically, the band finds a welcome home at ERICROCK. "The Windmill" was released, both in physical and digital formats, under a creative commons license. While the EP is available for purchase from the band or label, the songs will always be available for free in high-quality mp3 files. Fans are encouraged to share the music freely - access to the work will never be mediated financially.
Mogwai, The Album Leaf, The Mercury Program, Do Make Say Think
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