Todd Hutchisen · Guitar/Vocals
Jeremy Smith · Bass
Ray Suhy · Guitar
Nate Johnson · Guitar/Vocals
Jason Stewart · Drums
Thu 10/13/11 @ Empire, Portland ME
Portland, ME
From the vast cosmos of the maine wilderness emerges a stray beat of percussion. An echoic guitar line swallows a faint but tragic vocal... here in wide open space, music doesn't exist; it is an anatopism - yet this chorus has escaped the event horizon that has overpowered so many before it. This is the voice of Portland's The Baltic Sea.

Comprised of seasoned musicians (most of the band members have been/are currently in successful regional bands, most notably Kimchee Records' slowcore sweethearts Seekonk), The Baltic Sea has carefully cultivated their own brand of thematic experimental rock; combining the most successful elements of classic progressive rock, 90s alternative & space rock, and modern post rock. The result is a cohesive and universally appealing blend of atmospheric orchestration most comparable to Mogwai, Hum, and latter-day Sunny Day Real Estate.

Over the course of 8 meticulously woven tracks, "Through Scenic Heights and Days Regrets" showcases a mature, comfortable, and well-composed band. Despite this being their debut release, the members have been playing together in one form or another for seven years. "Through Scenic Heights..." was composed/recorded over the course of the latest two, sacrificing both time and expense to get the perfect sequence and interludes in order to create a masterpiece of textured, album-oriented rock. And it shows.

Early reviews applaud the accessibility of the first listen, but praise equally the subtle instrumentation and new layers that are exposed after repeated listening. A grassroots release campaign culminates in late summer 2008 with a retail launch, followed by several short support tours of the US east coast and midwest. The Baltic Sea is quickly turning heads in the experimental rock scenes, both locally in New England and worldwide within subcultures who like their rock a little more substantial.
HUM, Cave In, Sunny Day Real Estate, Mogwai
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