for all general/roster/merch/distro/service inquiries:

for LABEL demo submission, use postal mail to this address:

c/o caleb chabot
25 plainfield street
jamaica plain MA 02130

you can also send a zip file of the album or demo to mediafire will also work.


  1. all i want is music and contact info. also include a short note introducing yourself and stating your goals (distro consideration, label consideration, and booking submissions all sort of come into me, so sometimes it's hard to figure out why a bend sent me stuff)
  2. don't send a photo because i don't care what you look like (unless u r a majr babe - in that case send 2)
  3. i need not a list of "big" bands with which you've played. that's poppycock! and it also has little to do with how good you actually are.
  4. don't follow up -- if i like your music, i will get in touch. only at this point will i ask for some press material and all of that junk.
  5. you should probably read the label policies in the FAQ section to make sure we gonna jive!

I promise i listen to everything that is sent to me, but i will not always write back to the band unless it really interests me.


to book your band, or for questions about ericrock hosted shows: email CALEB at

but please read BOOK YOUR BAND over in the promotions section first. also: DUDES... don't send the email to ERIC because he's just a bird, man!


(fyi: some of the bands/projects that have been inactive for a while might not use these emails anymore)

The American Dollar --
Arms and Sleepers --
The Baltic Sea --
Hadoken --
Lowfive RIP --
Motionless --
Shadybrookdrive --
Thrift Syndicate --
Chris King --


report any website problems to it would be rad if you told me the platform/OS/browser you were using.

...and it would be nice if you could pull me into town.

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