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ROSTER AND FAMILY :: BANDS ex-The List Exists' Max & Mirza, and in a little bit of me (if purple nurples count) Timon and Pumbaa if they were space wizards from the future HADOKEN official site The Baltic Sea official site. Persistent vegetative state with occasional out-of-body excursions. All new Thrift Syndicate archive site. Blasts from the past! Softer archive site, from 2001-2004 (media, discography, tour journals). Official Lowfive site (gateway to Teaser site for "The Hunger Arist", the unfinished Softer album from 2004. Old SBD flash site
Midriff undress them with your eyes...
Eroica instrumental noodlahs from boston. they've got a little midriff in their veins!
Sparrows Swarm and Sing wish these dudes would rematerialize...
Lymbyc Systym Possibly my favorite band. I wear this on LS shirt about half of the year, and i'm their semi-official merch guy at any boston show.
Milkweed Records Maine DIY label (Orange Door West, Ef Bomb, Kick It)
oh snap! records Maine DIY label (Midriff, EverySmithEver, Departure From Apathy)
Tor Johnson Records hard workin' dudes for the Providence DIY scene.
Aurora Seven Records Jerry fixed my Prodigy. Awesome Animal Ambulance!
Bodies of Water Arts and Crafts Mighty Mighty DanShea and Co.
Gatehouse Anchor all vinyl, small pressruns, locally owned. Home to Sparrows on wax, Bastille
The Mylene Sheath primarily small pressrun vinyl, choice post rock on wax! Lindsay and Jel are huge huggers!
Thisquietarmy Records Montreal-based shoegaze & experimental limited CDR label, home to Elika & Thisquietarmy
BUSINESSES I PATRONIZE AND RECOMMEND always the best bid on a vinyl project. super laid back dudes as well! complete cd production. very few problems with them in the past... stickers, t-shirts, and just about any other screenprinting service you might need the fastest & easiest manufacturing plant i've ever used... to make rubber stamps! high quality, local printer. always treat me well w/discounts and great service! Kris Johnson and his meticulous but affordable screen-printing! McChicken sandwich on the dollar menu? Is this a joke???? Quality mastering that won't break your bank. NICK Z! Mike Quinn & CO. Fun times, great little studio setup.
VISUAL ARTISTS Awesome art, awesome dude. He's in Helms, and he draws awesome pictures of skeletons, dinosaurs and wires. CHECKIT. Lawrence Yang and his spacey, creepy alt-worldish paintings. Always reminds me of Nausicaa... My neighbor Daniel Danger. when he's not making awesome drawings, he's making horrible (awesome?) sci-fi movies out on the street! live visuals guru for Arms & Sleepers, and quite a little minx himself! the bossman Christopher Cox -- bitchin' designzzzzz FOE: my brother's comic/artwork site
PROMOTIONAL LINKS Awesome archive & resource site for new england bands past and present. boston-based DIY/Indie site Progressive & community-minded multi-function events! boston diy! local music from southeast MA maine-based indie/DIY community Jake Simcock. Former denizen of MuscleCity. Booking agent and hall shows.
OTHER CC is an alternative way for creators take more explicit control over how they want their work to be released to the public. NoFriendo Zach's clothing/design company Take the tour, view the residents. 2004 UPDATE: WTF ERIC IS A HE-SHE?
Pete & Caleb Meet Celebrities FOE FOE: i started Coleoptera Records with this FOE back in the 1990s.
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