Gabe Lane · Vocals, Guitar
Sean Higgins · Guitar/Vocals, Guitar (2002-2003)
Jon York · Guitar/Vocals, Guitar (2003-SOFTER)
Charles Long · Bass (2000-2002)
Jason Unterreiner · Bass (2002-2003)
Adam Smith · Bass (2003-SOFTER)
Matthew Deprez · Drums (2000-2002)
Ian McConnell · Drums/Vocals (2002-SOFTER)
Caleb Chabot · Keyboards (2002-SOFTER)
Lowfive became Softer in 2003.
Softer isn't a band anymore.
2000-2002 -- Houlton, ME
2002-2004 -- Bangor, ME
2004+ -- Portland, ME (as Softer)
Lowfive was formed by a group of high school pals during their first winter break back from college. As would be expected, the following 4 years of transience and transformation pushed and pulled at the band relentlessly, resulting in numerous roster changes, relocations, and unfinished recordings.
The 2002 release of their debut album The Paths That Lead You Home marked their first official release, following a 7 song demo in 2001. The album, largely a homestudio project from the then 3-piece group (consisting of Gabe Lane, Charles Long, and Matt Deprez), required the support of additional musicians for live performance. Sean Higgins, a longtime friend to the band and all-around lazy butt-eater, was commissioned as a second guitar player in the winter of 2001-2002, shortly after completing the recording. Shortly after, Caleb Chabot added keys to the mix to help for the summer shows, eventually resulting in a permanent position.

In the fall of 2002, largely due to relocation and band commitment, Lowfive had to move on without the help of Long and Deprez. However, with the gradual addition of local musicians Ian McConnell on drums and Jason Unterreiner on bass, the band was back at full strength by the turn of the year. The new lineup recorded a followup EP in January 2003 (now referred to as the "Threnody" sessions), which finally captured the full sound of the 5-piece band.

Only four months later, the band was once again faced with an exodus of the roster, as both Higgins and Unterreiner were unable to continue their commitment to the group. With only one original member and another fresh injection of talent and influences, the new Lowfive decided late in the summer of 2003 to change names to SOFTER.
The Impossibles, The Stereo, The Get Up Kids, The Anniversary
2003.02.01 - Live review (The Maine Campus)
2003.02.08 - Live Showcase Review (The Maine Campus)
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