Ross Nunes · Vocals
Chad Boudreau · Guitar
Bobby Hinckley · Guitar
Mike Greely · Bass
Chris Cardaci · Drums
The Thrift Syndicate is no longer a band. Several members went on to play in other bands in southeast Massachusetts, such as: Sweater Weather, Bedford Academy, The Patterson Film, Sterling Silver and Letterday.
New Bedford, MA
The Thrift Syndicate is a hard working band from New Bedford MA. According to them, they "started in August of 2001, and quickly acheived a local buzz after playing their first few shows and releasing a free 2 song demo recorded in their practice space". Normally, i would read that and be like "blah, blah, yeah right..." -- but then i saw them play. They were a tagalong band that i'd never heard of, coming up for one of my hall shows. The show was dismal to say the least, with equal numbers of band and non-band people in attendance. But that didn't stop the Thrift. When it came time for their set, they blew the roof off the place (and my expectations), giving their all and delivering an impressive and polished performance that had Jesus Christ himself smiling.

Playing a unique blend of indie rock - with the chops and the pipes to back it up, they're one of the few young bands i know that's doing something original. But that said, i am able to muster comparisons to If It's Cool With You...-era Hot Rod Circuit, The Stryder's Masquerades, and Counterfit's Super Amusement Machine, as well as numerous 80's hair metal bands. Fact: while listening to TTS demos, i actually had to answer the (legitimate) question: "Is this Bon Jovi?"

With a few self-released demos under their belt, they teamed with ERICROCK to produce their new full-length, Payback Soundtrack, recorded at Black and Blue project studios in New Bedford and mixed at Moontower Studio in Cambridge. Look for a street date of March 8th, followed by the impending tropical storm, which could well be upgraded to "Hurricane Awesome!" in summer 2005.

The Stryder, Counterfit, Saves The Day
2005.03.03 -- Pre-release writeup in the Standard Times, New Bedford MA
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