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01. 2003: A Tragedy [mp3_192] [04:24]
02. I Was Never A Fan Of Jimmy Buffett Until Right Now [03:23]
03. Dig, Dig, Dig! [03:23]
04. Back To Cali [04:34]
05. Give My Regards To Paradise [mp3_192] [04:22]
06. Do These Lights Have Dimmers? [05:10]
07. Payback Soundtrack [04:41]
08. Follow Him Out [04:24]

Produced by Mike Poisson and TTS
Engineered by Joe Reilly at Black & Blue (New Bedford MA)
Mixed & Mastered by Mike Quinn at the Moontower (Cambridge MA)
Art & design by Chris Cox at

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The Thrift Syndicate's first ERICROCK release, three years in the making. Recorded in 2 extended sessions at Black & Blue studios in New Bedford MA, the album collects years of growth into one album. A group of songs about spite, revenge, and that period in life when dealing with being an adult but clinging to adolescence, Payback Soundtrack showcases a unique young band ready to burst.

This was our first release under the label name Ericrock, as it had been about 3 years since our inaugural release as Eric Records (ER001/Lowfive's 'Paths...' in 2002). This was also the first time we tried financing a release and doing everything legit with studios... another learning experience, and a ton of fun. The record is a little too pop-hardcore/emo for my tastes these days, but again it really brings me back to listen to this. It's kind of a bummer that the band broke up a few months after the release of the album... they probably could have done really well in the following year or two.
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