Rich Cupolo · Guitar, Keyboards
John Emanuele · Percussion, Keyboards
04/13/11 - Danbury, CT @ Heirloom Arts 04/14/11 - Burlington VT @ Monkeyhouse 04/15/11 - Montreal, QC @ Casa del Popolo 04/16/11 - Toronto @ Rancho Relaxo 04/18/11 - Hamilton, ON @ TBA 04/19/11 - Rochester, NY @ Southpaw Brew 04/20/11 - Ithaca, NY @ Green Star Annex 05/06/11 - Moscow, Russian Federation 05/07/11 - TBA, Russian Federation 05/14/11 - Philadelphia PA, The Gatherings...
Queens, NY
Started by two high school friends from Queens, NY in 2005, The American Dollar creates cinematic, electronica-tinged instrumental postrock. The duo fuses processed drums, spacious keyboards and powerful organ swells with electric guitar and bass, creating deep sonic textures while maintaining the passion and energy of a live band. The swirling soundscapes build and swell, punctuated by glitchy beats, breathing and expanding into crashing guitars and soaring leads: precisely constructed symphonies for a new era.

Now enough of that junk i copied from! The music these guys make is instantly accessible, and fails to grow old. My first interactions with them were related to stocking my distro with their first 3 full lengths, and i could tell they were cool cats. Ever since that first interaction, my secret plan was to get them to team up with Arms and Sleepers for a split release. A little over a year later, that secret plan has come to fruition, and without any tinkering on my end! I'm pumped that this thing came together, and excited to be working with some of the most laid back (not to mention fun-loving) guys. If there is one thing these guys love it is fun! A couple of fun-lovers, these two!

From The Inland Sea was self-released on CD in 2009, and has since been available direct from the respective bands. The vinyl version has been in delayed production on my end for almost 2 years now, but it is FINALLY seeing the light of day on April 12 2011. The packaging is a deluxe matte-finish gatefold containing all new artwork. The audio portion of this release contains a bonus 7th track not found on the CD version which was composed/recorded in a collaborative effort by both bands. The pressing is limited to 500 units, of which the first 100 are pressed on a semi-transparent vinyl.
Arms and Sleepers, Canyonsofstatic
do it buddy
  • 2006 · The American Dollar (10 track full length / Yesh Music)
  • 2007 · The Technicolour Sleep (12 track full length / Yesh Music)
  • 2008 · A Memory Stream (11 track full length / Yesh Music)
  • 2009 · Ambient One (ambient remix album, digital + ltd CD-R / Yesh Music)
  • 2009 · From The Inland Sea (6 songs split CDEP w/Arms and Sleepers / self-released)
  • 2010 · Atlas (13 track full length / Yesh Music)
  • 2010 · Ambient Two (ambient remix album, digital + ltd CD-R / Yesh Music)
  • 2011 · From The Inland Sea (ER008 - 7 song split LP w/Arms and Sleepers)
  • 2011 · Atlas (ERTBA - ?? song 2xLP)
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