PRESSING INFO: 400 - LP in gatefold (black vinyl)
100 - LP in gatefold (clear vinyl)


AAS1.The Catcher Elsewhere [04:56]
AAS2.Van Buren [05:09]
AAS3.The Inland Sea [06:25]
TAD1.Landing [03:32]
TAD2.Schipol [03:55]
TAD3.Where We Are [04:16]
TAD4.Diario 16* [03:49]
* Arms and Sleepers & The American Dollar collaboration track

Tracks AAS1-AAS3 (c) 2009 M. Lewis & M. Ramic
Written and Performed by Arms and Sleepers
Produced, recorded & mixed by Arms and Sleepers at Burning Houses, Amerika, Aug 2009-Nov 2009

Tracks TAD1-TAD3 (c) 2009 J. Emanuele / R. Cupolo
Produced by The American Dollar
Mixed by Richard Cupolo / Mastered by Tom Durack

Track TAD4 written and produced conjointly by Arms and Sleepers and The American Dollar.

2 Copies (1 of each color)
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It's unfortunate that this release is finally here, as it means the end of an enjoyable, year-long organized internet campaign of clever jabs about me stalling on the artwork. Alas, it had to happen eventually! This release has been in the works since early 2009, when talks first started between Arms and Sleepers and The American Dollar about some short-term touring and possibly a split release. Historically, the split release was created on the vinyl format, and it has never been quite as appropriate (or successful) on compact disc; this is a case where the release format itself transforms the execution of the project.

While plans were initially to release on CD and vinyl simultaneously (or in very short succession), i signed on for the vinyl portion and pretty much stalled on it for a little over a year. I really wanted to do it right, and wasn't totally sold on the artwork from the CD version of the release. as the label was on the backburner for a lot of 2010, the project fell by the wayside. Finally, thanks to some newfound source photography from Max Lewis of Arms and Sleepers, i wrapped up all the loose ends in early 2011 and here we are!

The vinyl edition contains 3 original songs by each band (as heard on the CD version), plus an exclusive 7th song that was written/performed/recorded in a joint effort by both bands. The artwork is all new, and is printed on a matte-finish gatefold jacket. The first 100 units are pressed on semi-clear vinyl.
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