PRESSING INFO: 200 - LP on black vinyl with white/red silkscreened wrapper
75 - LP on white vinyl with white/red silkscreened wrapper
25 - LP on white vinyl with white/black silkscreened wrapper


A1.Mimema [04:09]
A2.Embassy Theme [01:40]
A3.By The Harbor [03:04]
A4.Ankara (A Memory) [01:17]
A5.Potsdam Voltaire [03:48]
A6.Guests & Ghosts [01:28]
B1.Embassy Theme II [04:07]
B2.Tram 11 [02:10]
B3.Pfarrstrasse [01:24]
B4.This Place Was My Home... [02:26]
B5.So Why Pause? [04:27]

Produced, recorded and mixed at Burning Houses, Amerika, Spring 2007 by Arms and Sleepers.
Artwork Design & Layout by M. Lajoie and Dado.

2 Copies (1 black, 1 white, red wraparounds)
3x Collector's Combo (all 3 variant editions)
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In 2007, Arms and Sleepers quietly dispatched the first in a series of limited run hand-made CD-R editions of Cinematique. Unlike their beat-heavy 'proper' albums, Cinematique was an experiment in ambiance; a soundscape absent the film. Working almost exlusively in piano, ambient synths, and acoustic instruments, Arms and Sleepers achieve something wholly separate from their signature trip-hop/electronica style, and it struck a chord with their audience.

Only those lucky enough to catch the band on early tours (or against all odds score a copy via mailorder) managed to get their hands on a physical copy of the disc, which was released over the course of 2 years in 3 editions of 30 copies each followed by a 4th and final edition of 40. The album has been out of print since 2008 and only available digitally. Until now!

The inaugural pressing of Cinematique is limited to 300 units in 3 variant editions. All copies are wrapped with a numbered silk-screened print featuring an updated version of the original painting from the CD editions. Some would argue that vinyl is the perfect format for Cinematique. I would not argue with those people.
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