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12.01.04 We just got out of our final mixing date on sunday, wrapping up The Thrift Syndicate's new album, which still hasn't been named. Once we get the masters in our hand, it's off to the plant. As of right now, we're planning on a January release date, along with a boner-popping CD release show in their home town of New Bedford MA. Don't miss this, or you will die!
Now that this record is done emptying my checking account, i'm slowly working back into hall shows, starting a few saturdays from now, on December 11th, up in Sanford ME. Check out the shows section for all the details. Hopefully, with Thrift on the roster now, i'll make good on my promise to start balancing my Maine shows with some southern shows down here in MA.
10.04.04 First the big news: welcome The Thrift Syndicate to the ericrock family! I haven't finished their bio for the bands section yet, so i'll just encourage you to check out their site, and definitely give a listen to them over at purevolume.com. Check out a rough mix of "2003: A Tragedy" from their yet-to-be-titled ericrock debut -- tentative release is set for this holiday season!
09.05.04 The mailing address for demos and pretty much everything else you might want to send us has changed. The new address is:

25 Plainfield St / Jamaica Plain MA 02130.

Please update your books. Also, any previous phone numbers you have are obsolete. Ask me for the new one (i don't want to put it online, because then i'd use all my minutes talking to bands which i'd rather not.
08.30.04 We've been a long time without any posted updates, but rest assured stuff has been happening. We've been putting together some good shows lately, and plan to continue the trend throughout the winter, and hopefully expanding to do some MA and/or NH shows, along with our Maine events.
As for the label, we are right in the thick of adding a new band to the roster, and this will be a lot of fun once it gets rolling. We're sending them into the studio to record for a full-length hopefully out before the holiday season. More details to come. All other projects planned for this year have been cancelled, as our existing roster has been pruned significantly. I'll spare the details on this public forum, so any queries will be addressed in person. We are still looking for 1 more band to join the roster by the end of this year.
Lastly, we've officially started a services section on the site. I've been doing various projects for the last few years for bands (including websites, demo recording, artwork) but always either as a favor, or just by word of mouth recommendations. Lately, the freelance stuff has increased to the point where i figure it makes sense to go public, and offer the services "as advertised". Right now the section is still under construction, but the web design details are posted, with other sections soon to follow.
05.29.04 The summer season is just about to burst open, and we're gearing up for it as well. We've got a couple of Maine shows over in the shows section. Also, i'm working towards expanding our area of shows down south to NH and MA. We'll be starting to make some merch later in the coming months as well, so prepare minimally for that. ALSO, we're looking to add two bands to the roster this summer, so anybody who makes quality indie rock/indie pop, send your stuff our way, and we just might want to put your record out.
Also, everybody check out www.snowbirdsandtownies.tk, a new site specifically devoted to the indie/DIY scene in maine, and to a lesser extent, new england. If that's your kind of thing, please join the community and get some action going over that way.
03.29.04 Not much news to report, although we're getting ready for a big summer, if things work out the way we're planning. Softer is currently recording lots of material, and they've got some demos from last fall posted over at purevolume.com. Show promotions will likely pick up after the spring business, and this summer we'll be expanding the roster, and hopefully have a few more releases slated for release. Consider this an open call to bands who want to join the family. If you meet our qualifications (You must play music we enjoy and be willing to work with us to create lots of crap), send your stuff our way.
01.21.04 Special thanks to everybody who came out to last weekend's show in Gardiner, marking a huge success. Special thanks to Heather Hates You and These Green Eyes for traveling up from Boston and Connecticut respectively. Shows like these hint towards a promising indie/rock scene in Maine, which tickles me in many ways. Be sure to check out the next batch of shows over in showpromotions. We're bringing lots more traveling bands, as well as showcasing some new local faces, so be sure to come check out a few of them. Bands, we're booking up until April right now, so get yourself on a show!
01.11.04 Few updates of note: all of our @ericrock.com email contacts are back online, and good to go. Additionally, Gary Radio is running again. Do yourself a favour, and check out The Thrift Syndicate. Bands, we're planning a few weekends of Maine shows in February, and we're starting to plan for March. Head on over to promotions for more INFO. SOFTER merch is now available in the store.
01.07.04 Happy New Year. Here's hoping that 2004 isn't as stank as 2003. Hopefully this will be a good year for ERICROCK, with a return to regular show promotions, a new release from Softer (plus a retrospective for the Lowfive era), and a more defined and distinguished roster. Speaking of the roster, it's undergone some changes in recent months, and is hopefully building towards something substantial. We're always looking to work with artists that share our vision: working together to create something sonically, visually, or socially that is more than each of us could do on our own. If it's not a love/love relationship - a partnership in the true sense of the word - it's not worthwhile.
On the business end, be sure to check out the upcoming shows and plan your calendars accordingly. Bands, get your butts onto some shows by sending us your info (if you already haven't), or let us know when you need a gig (if you've already played!).
Lastly, Gary Radio is currently down to save my bandwidth for the rest of the month. "How did it all get used up?" you might ask. The answer is simple and awesome: SOFTER's music video for 1913! Head on over to www.softerrock.com to check out stills and download the thing (warning: it's 7 minutes long and 55M large)!

Note: all of our @ericrock.com email addresses have gone haywire as our domain host just migrated platforms. English translation: Don't use those email addresses! Either send Caleb an IM or email ericrock_booking@hotmail.com for shows and stuff.
12.18.03 Most of the audio links have been fixed, and the Gary Radio playlist is growing daily. We're currently limited to HI-FI stream only, until we can get the LO-FI files prepared. Be sure to check out the playlist, as there are quite a few new (as far as GaryRadio is concerned) adds.
Also be sure to check out the SHOWPROMOTIONS section for info on our upcoming show dates for the end of this month, as well as January 2004. We're currently planning shows in advance, so bands don't hesitate to get your demos in early!
12.14.03 We've had kind of a slow/rocky past few months, but this update is going to fix lots of that stuff. For starters, we're coming back at the end of this month with our first show in about 3 months, and we'll be doing a few more on into January. Maine bands: we really need your interest in shows in order to have more of them. Currently, i receive almost twice as many demos from MA-based bands who want to do shows in maine, and we need some good locals to fill out the shows!
As for roster updates, Softer is just wrapping up their newest EP entitled "The Hunger Artist". The band spent part of November shooting a music video for "1913," which will be available soon. Head on over to www.softerrock.com to check out stills from the video. Stay further tuned for announcements related to the release of the album. In other Softer news, the band will have several songs featured on the upcoming compilation Never Say Goodbye: A Tribute To The Impossibles, to be released on I Enjoy Records.
In other roster news, we've had a few switches and changes in the past few months. No Friendo, as mentioned before, is undergoing heavy retooling, resulting in a new name and new members. More updates on that when it's available. In regards to Shadybrookdrive, just when you thought nothing was ever going to happen, we've got some new demo tracks up in the all-new GaryRadio playlist. These are unfinished recordings, but give a little more insight into the "Later Comes Too Soon" machine. We've also got our eyes on a few new ER family prospects, but it's too early to say anything at this point.
Lastly, as a result of mp3.com closing operations, most of our downloads/playlist links are currently down. We're working to fix this problem, and will gradually be uploading the media to our own servers. This means the lo-fi radio stream will be temporarily unavailable until further notice. But we are working on the problem!
11.01.03 Apologies, all. Things are quite hectic in my personal life right now, so both the label and showpromotions have been put onto the backburner for a bit. I've been in touch with some great bands that want to play up in Maine, so hopefully we'll get back on track by the end of the year. In label news, No Friendo has a new site, and is currently undergoing a name change. Stay tuned for that. Softer is recording their new material up in Maine at Wooden Walls. Stuff sounds good too. Word.
09.19.03 Tonight's ERICROCK show has been cancelled due to half of the bands cancelling within 24 hours of the show. Bands: don't do this - it makes shows hard to do. We're taking a few weeks off from shows, and are currently planning for late October and November.
In label news, the Softer EP should be wrapped up in the coming months, and will be released in time for the holiday season. Check out www.mp3.com/softer to hear some preview tracks. Calico and An Element Of Subtlety have been added to Gary Radio as well. And for those who can't get enough of the new Softer sound, we're planning the NEXT Softer EP to be hot on the heels of the upcoming one. Confused? We'll talk later. But be sure to check out Softer next weekend opening for the Maine date on the Coheed and Cambria tour.
08.23.03 The biggest label news in the past few weeks is Lowfive's name change. From here on out, the band will be known as Softer. This switch has been in planning for a long time by the band, and they officially played the first Softer show on August 15th. Update your links and your brain! New Softer songs will be on mp3.com/softer in the coming weeks. Also, check out www.softerrock.com from here on out.
We're also currently scheduling ERICROCK shows for september. We're planning 3-4 shows throughout the month, so if you're interested, head on over to SHOWPROMOTIONS and get us some info.
08.04.03 In label news, ZIPPER is finally getting down to the business of rocking as a group. They've started gigging regularly, and the Rock Revolution EP is nearing completion. Head on over to www.zipperrock.com for preview mp3s. Also, bassist Jim Martin's car burst into vehicle-consuming flames a few weeks back. They're having a benefit show at the end of this month. Visit the site for up-to-date info on that.
In showpromotions, we had 2 decent shows over the weekend, making a couple of great new friends, and reaffirming a few old enemies. If you missed the shows, be sure to check out our out-of-staters BY CHANCE and KID NAMED FEROCIOUS. Good guys and good times. Don't miss them next time. Also, we're currently planning our shows for September. Check out SHOWPROMOTIONS for more details or to book your band, junior!
07.28.03 Show #003 and #004 are happening this weekend at the Swedenborgian Church in Portland ME. Go to both of them and win a special prize.

Friday Aug. 1 / 6pm (5:30d) / $5 / all ages & chemfree
Pinko & The Action Boys, Lime Town Riot, Jolly John & The 33 Hour Famine, Genital Panik, Scary Mary

Saturday Aug. 2 / 6pm (5:30d) / $5 / all ages & chemfree
The Match, Kid Named Ferocious, The Leftovers, By Chance

Check out SHOWPROMOTIONS for more details.
07.17.03 Check out ERICROCK show#2 this Friday, featuring two of our own, Lowfive and No Friendo, as well as local picks Marks The Spot and Every Forty Seconds.

Friday July 18 / 7pm (6:30d) / $5 / all ages / chemfree
Gardiner Elks Lodge (Gardiner ME)
No Friendo, Lowfive, Marks The Spot, Every Forty Seconds

In more ERICROCK gigging, ZIPPER's got 2 shows lined up for this weekend. If you're a yah-dood or are just in the area, be sure to check one of these shows out:

Friday July 18th/ 8pm / Free / all ages
Moonstruck Cafe (Charlton MA)

Saturday July 19th / 6pm / $5 / all ages
Hamilton Rod & Gun Club (Sturbridge MA)

check out www.zipperrock.com for more details.
07.11.03 ZIPPER is picking up steam getting ready for their upcoming EP, "Rockout Revolution" which they are currently recording. They've recently tried out a few drummers, and will be operating as a full band shortly. Check out some live demos of new material over at www.zipperrock.com. Also, Ben and Mike from Zipper covered "Whispering Weeds" for A Frank Black Tribute: You Ain't Me. Download this now.
In SHOWPROMOTIONS news, we've got several more shows lined up, as well as a few more in the works. Check out the upcoming shows list, or sign up for our newsletter to get all the show info delivered directly to your email inbox. Technology-style.
07.09.03 Much thanks to anybody who came out to the ERICROCK show last saturday. We hope to have an even better time at our next show. Stay tuned for details. Also, check out the recently expanded SHOWPROMOTIONS section for new details, links, and info on upcoming shows.
07.01.03 Just a quick note on this weekend's show: Unfortunately, Headstart had to drop off the bill due to a family illness. We were lucky enough that The Match has agreed to fill the spot. Much thanks to those guys for lending a hand on such short notice.
06.29.03 The very first show for the promotions company is being held THIS SATURDAY. Here's the info:

JULY 5th / Doors @ 6:30pm / $5 admission
VFW Hall in Augusta ME
That's What She Said, Lowfive, Marks The Spot, Headstart, The Match

We hope to have a great time, and expect great fun. Everybody bring your friends.
We've done some minor revisions in the band bios section. Check out updated bios and new bio pics for Lowfive and Zipper.
In some more ZIPPER news, head on over to www.zipperrock.com to check out "Whispering Weeds", a Frank Black cover song recorded for a tribute project. While you're there, be sure to download some new live demos, recorded with their brand new drummer, PJ Himmelriech.
06.12.03 We've launched a MESSAGE BOARD to add a new means of communications between us, our bands, and music enjoyers. Hopefully the board will help us out with the new SHOWPROMOTIONS venture, by giving us some feedback about past and future shows. I encourage everybody who cares to go get a screenname and start posting every question, suggestion, and comment you can think of. You'll only be improving your own experience, so help yourself out!
I've also temporarily taken down the "studio" section, because i'm not sure if i'll ever flesh out the section. Plus i needed horizontal space on the menu bar!
06.10.03 Info about our show promotions venture is now up in SHOWPROMOTIONS section. Tell your friends (especially those in bands) and we'll get this thing rolling. We're trying to host the best shows we can, and they'll be twice as good with lots of help from fans like you helping us out with recommendations (venues, bands). Stay tuned for info on our first shows for the summer. If you want to be notified of all of the ERICROCK news, including shows, sign up for our mailing list down in the corner.
06.07.03 All sections have been debugged and several final design elements were tweaked and implemented. The STUDIO mini-site still hasn't been expanded, and the SHOWPROMOTION page has yet to be completed, but other than that, everything should be in order... except for the domain name. Our registrar screwed up our account, so we have to wait until they fix our redirector before it will work again.
06.06.03 Updated downloads with new tracks from No Friendo, Zipper, and Lowfive. Also, modified the Gary Radio playlist to include some different and new songs by Zipper and No Friendo respectively. Also, some final adjustments to the site, including the new banner and color scheme, were implemented. All sections that are currently under construction should be functioning by the end of today.
06.05.03 Welcome to ericrock.com v2.0. Just about everything's been changed, revamped, or deleted. Check out the new sections STUDIO and SHOWPROMOTIONS. Each of them is self-explanatory, but I'll still give a little overview: Studio is a mini-site for Dogs Playing Poker Studios - offering affordable project & studio recording/production work to New England-based bands. Showpromotions is another venture of ERICROCK to provide a consistent/regular local venue for both bands and fans. Check out either section for more detailed info. Now on to band news...
LOWFIVE recorded a new EP this spring, to be titled and released hopefully by midsummer. Things have been a bit slow moving with the band since last fall, due to multiple roster changes. Since last August, the band has switched drummers, bassists, and guitarists. They've recently just filled an open guitar position and are auditioning for a new bassist.
ZIPPER's been mildly active in 2003, with several roster changes themselves. The core of Ben Kindberg has been doubled with a second guitarist/vocalist/bassist in Mike Fitzback. After drummer Etienne left the band, Zipper has gone through a few shortlived drummers, and are currently open to drumming inquiries. Pre-recording work on the Zipper EP is nearing completion. Expect some demos soon.
Falling into line with the rest, SHADYBROOKDRIVE has also gone through the ringer. After circumstances forced a split in the duo last year, Tracy started working on some solo material which was demoed in January for a 2003 EP. However, the tracks have been floating aimlessly, as I've been busy working on Lowfive's EP. Expect them to debut on mp3.com later this summer. In positive news, co-founding member Gabe Lane may again contribute some songs to the project in the future, perhaps before the EP begins production.
Last but not least, the label is happy to announce the addition of NO FRIENDO, a group of youngsters from Lowfive's stomping grounds in Maine. Rapidly maturing both physically and musically, these guys look promising. I'm working with them right now on prepping some brand new material.
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