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11.30.06 WHO CARES ABOUT UPDATING WEB SITES WHEN WE'VE GOT IMPORTANT STUFF ON OUR MINDS!!! Heck, i don't even update it when i'm doing nothing! So... sorry about that. Let's see what's new: The media section got an overall facelift, including (finally) the addition of the "Motionless/The Windmill" torrent v1.0 - CHECK THAT OUT.

NEW SHOW coming up on December 9. It's the Arms & Sleepers CD release show! you might remember Max & Mirza from fancy bands like "The List Exists" and "Burning Houses, Beautiful Houses". Now they are back with an even fancier electro project! Listen to them on myspace, and if you're in boston on Dec 9th, come to this show... FOR FREE! Yup. No mandatory admission, but donations are accepted. More info over in the shows section.

Lastly, i'm thinking of redoing this site! It probably won't happen, but i thought i'd tease you all by mentioning it anyway. Toodles.

WAIT!!!! I'm doing some funky stuff with the file structure on the server, and also changing domain registars, so ALL EMAILS are going to be funky for the next week or two (they've been spotty lately, so i'm fixing them good).
09.08.06 Just a quick update: THE WINDMILL is now available:

- online at interpunk.com, CDbaby.com
- in store at Newbury Comics (select MA, RI and NH locations)
- soon to be available from: Amazon.com, Itunes/various digital distros, Bullmoose Music (ME/NH)

Also, we've had to update the world prices on all catalog releases, because it's costing $4-5 to ship overseas! International customers might get better deals by ordering from Interpunk/CDbaby/Amazon as part of a larger order!

Look for the official Windmill bittorrent release to be up probably this weekend (i've got to write one more section for the readme file).
08.20.06 LISTEN UP!
Hey, the Sparrows tour homecoming/Motionless CD release show has been MOVED several miles southwest, from the former venue at The Lily Pad to the new venue at MY BASEMENT. Additionally, it has been moved an hour or two earlier, with an estimated start time of 8:30-9:00pm. THIS WILL BE A FUN CHILL TIME. More info over in the SHOWS section. That is all.
08.01.06 Whoala! Ok... so THE WINDMILL: we had a bit of a delay in finalizing the artwork. ALSO, the dudes went back into the studio for a remix-remaster of the material! This means the following for you:

1) fancy matte digipaks with amazing artwork by Dan McCarthy
2) shiny new audio master to supplement your (cc) mp3 version of the album (hey - i like both versions almost equally!), and

Yes, that's right - head on over to the webstore to order THE WINDMILL for only $5. All pre-orders will ship with a free 11x17" poster on or before 8.26.06 (the day of the CD release show).

What's that? OH YEAH - CD RELEASE SHOW! That's on August 26 at the Lily Pad in Cambridge MA, but let's not get ahead of ourselves. Motionless has a busy month ahead of them, playing a handful of local shows, including an upcoming ERICROCK show on August 8th, with Bravo Fucking Bravo, and 2 bands on tour from San Diego: LANTERNS and THIS FLOOD COVERS THE EARTH. Please listen to these bands and consider attending! This show is also at the Lily Pad in Cambridge. More info in the SHOWS section and at motionlessmusic.com.
05.20.06 Hola. It's been a month since i rapped at y'all, so here's the scoop:
The Motionless record has been pushed back until June, just because we've been lazy getting our business in order. I'm pumped on the artwork, and i'm stepping up the packaging a notch, so it'll probably cost $1 more than originally planned (but still a supergooddeal).

Thanks to everybody who came out to ericrock's very first basement show, up at the Bang-a-Rang collective house in Lewiston ME. While surely a bit of an adjustment, the show was very engrossing by the middle of the lineup. Big props go out to The List Exist for coming out, and also The Sea Like Lead, who i had the pleasure of catching again in boston the following night. Now's a good time to remind you all that The List Exist's last EP is available in the distro. Also, i've just added 2 releases from The Sea Like Lead!

I've finally found some verve again, and i'm getting into gear to bring the Lowfive Threnody EP back to life. This is really the first project i've "worked" on since totally revamping my gear a while back, and i've got to say that it's sounding better than i ever thought these recordings could sound. I sort of want to finish it up quickly, and then get to work on The Hunger Artist! Anyway, look for some preview tracks to be posted over at the new Lowfive myspace.
04.19.06 BAM BAM BAM with the updates. A few more quickies:

NEW FORUM! That old one didn't have much activity, and the bulky user interface and buttload of ads only frustrated it further. It's an XMB installation, similar to the one i used over at snowbirdnet.org. Geoff from Minor Setback really wants to see some action, so have at it.

LIVE MOIRAI TRACKS! These are tracks that i recorded last summer at ERS#019 in Westbrook. Visit The Moirai's pages at Purevolume and Myspace to hear "Billie Jean" and "Song in Six" respectively. These particular recordings are the best representation of the songs, because they weren't on the Bury Yourself EP. The rest of the set will be posted on this site sometime soon.

FINAL THRIFT SYNDICATE SONGS. Check out the TTS myspace page to hear the final 2 demos, recorded in 2005 after Payback Soundtrack but before they disbanded.

That's all for today!
04.18.06 Quick but majorly cool update: ERICROCK will be releasing the new album from MOTIONLESS, an instrumental rock band from Mansfield MA, just outside of Boston. The Windmill consists of 4 epic tracks, and you'll love it if you're into modern indie/post-rockish bands like Explosions in the Sky, The Appleseed Cast, Mogwai, Sigur Ros, Do Make Say Think, etc.

Also very cool: the album is licensed via a Creative Commons license, allowing people to download and share the music freely, provided they give attribution, don't use the music for commerical purposes, and share any derivative works under the same license. Read more about this license, and creative commons - it's a progressive new look at copyright law and free culture that we should all get into.

Right now, all of the tracks are available for free download. As soon as we nail down some artwork for the release, we'll be announcing a street date (likely in May) for the EP. Spread the word and share the music, and if you like it, please buy a copy of the EP when it comes out. It'll be cheap ($3-4) and will really support the band. The EP is also streamable over at Gary Radio in its entirety. CHECK IT OUT.
04.02.06 Long time, no update, so i guess it's time for a state of the union!
SHOWS: Still running, albeit selectively. We've got the first show of 2006 coming up on May 7th @ the BANG-A-RANG collective house in Lewiston. This show brings a great instrumental band (The Sea, Like Lead) from Pittsburgh, and will rule. Check out shows for more info.

LABEL: Still running. As we have no active bands, we are currently looking for new bands! Your music is important, but almost as important are your dedication and ethics, which hopefully echo our own. I'm interested in developing some new, inspired music. You must be willing to put progress ahead of profit. If you're looking for "label representation" or an agent, we're probably not the direction in which you ought to be going. I'm open to any kind of music, but you get preferential treatment if you have synths! Ambience/electronics are also a current fascination of mine. Get in touch if you want to chat about the way we'd run things.

SERVICES: Lots of changes here. For starters, we make 1" pins now. Haven't really figured out a system, but if you're in dire need right now, get in touch! Next up, Ben Kindberg (formerly of Zipper notoriety) and I have joined forces to set up a pretty extensive project studio at our townhouse down here in Boston. Ben's also been tagging along at the shows for which i run sound, as we now have the ability to record live shows to multitrack. Check out the media section to check out some samples.

DISTRO: Now available online! Prices are a little higher (to adjust for shipping), but now you can get a wider variety of stuff from the online store, making your order worthwhile!
Also, as ERICROCK readily sets the trends around here, we've just created a profile on a hot new networking site called myspace.com. This site is gonna be huge!!! If you are our friend, consider letting the internet know by adding us to your list.

Check out http://thrift.ericrock.com to check out the work-in-progress Thrift Syndicate archive site. I'm trying to create a centralized library of all the Thrift Syndicate media i can track down, so get in touch if you can contribute anything.
11.22.05 Hey! So get this: The Thrift Syndicate is having a farewell show this Thanksgiving weekend. This is sure to be a cool night, as it's also the farewell show for fellow New-Bedfordites LastFALL. It's at the Highlander in Acushnet MA. Check out the BANDS page for more info. We'll be trying to sell a bunch of copies of "Payback Soundtrack" at a discount price! Also, the album is still selling for $5 over in the WEBSTORE, and comes with a free poster and free shipping.
On the promotions front, no new shows to be announced as of yet, although i'm working on a few as we speak. Times are tight and venues are stingy, so i'm being really picky out the shows into which i invest myself. BUT here's some exciting results from summer '05: the first live recording from ERS#019! Check out the MEDIA section to download a live set from Sparrows: Swarm and Sing.
08.02.05 "A city boy comes to a small town where rock music and dancing have been banned." Or so it felt like on the 22nd when i went up to Sanford for my show. Apparently the new lodge master at the AMVETS has decided that all bands who make noise are not allowed to play at the hall. So, i won't be using that hall in the near future - not out of protest, but rather because he won't allow it. This wasn't the fault of the downstairs folks who we usually deal with, the law came from above. So... sorry to anybody who wanted to see the show. Sorry to the touring bands (who DID get sent away with fully bellies and gas tanks - fear not!). Sorry to Acta Non Verba and Death Among Thieves, who were playing ERICROCK for the first time. Sorry to Midriff, Crazy B, JuicyMan, and that Guilty/Honest dude... for breaking all of their hearts! I'll make it up to everybody in the near future... once Kevin Bacon arrives. No new shows scheduled right now. But stay tuned for random touring bands sometime in the future.
Also, note that the Thrift Syndicate album is now available on ITunes if you want to pay for mp3s. It's kinda corny as a user/listener, but it's sweet if you're the label/artist. Itunes ho! The physical CD is still on sale for $5 and comes with a free poster and free shipping, over in the WEBSTORE.
Lots of small updates to the site. Check out new adds on GARY RADIO.
07.11.05 Thanks to everybody who came out to our first "weekend" show series thing. Both shows were great fun, and all of the bands ruled. Be sure to check out Sparrows: Swarm and Sing, The Moirai, and Monet.Madrid.Madagascar! And if you like what you've checked, pick up their music at any ericrock show at the distro table. Special thanks to Midriff for donating a beautiful CD-release show in maine, so check out their new record on on OS!R along with cronies Apagan and Fort Ved Brann. A great band called Motionless also joined us in MA. You will see more of them if i can help it.
06.10.05 Ok, so the Thrift Syndicate is breaking up. Good news for anybody who hasn't already gotten a copy of the album yet, because now Payback Soundtrack is on sale for $5 over in the webstore! First 50 orders get a free poster included. Also, don't be afraid to pick up something else while you're there. Anyway, there's no word yet on a final show, but i'm hoping they have one. Let the band know how you feel by posting on their myspace page!
06.07.05 Just a few quick updates: summer show dates kick off with the Midriff CD release (July 2nd) for their record "Session" on OS!R. This will be a great show, and i've packed some of my favorite regional bands on the bill as well as some touring bands. Information for later summer shows is also being confirmed, check out the promotions page to learn more.
Please do yourself a favor and check out the DISTRO at one of our shows this summer. I've added quite a few independent releases from local/regional bands that i give my personal seal of approval. Plus they are CHEAP.
ALSO: if anybody has emailed me using the email "shows@ericrock.com" -- it has been down!! Resend your message!!
04.08.05 It's getting to be summer tour season again, and that means ERICROCK is gearing up for a few months of busy tour-accommodating shows. Starting in early June, we've got a half-dozen or so shows lined up, with more to come in late summer. Check out the promotions section for more details, or to get on a show.
Also, gotta mention that PAYBACK SOUNDTRACK is now available at Interpunk.com, CDBaby.com, Towerrecords.com, Cathartic Records in Providence RI, All About Records in Taunton MA, Words & Music in Fairhaven MA, and several eastern MA Newbury Comics locations. Only buy from those places if you gotta though, cause we'd appreciate all the business we can get over in the webstore.
Lastly, check out the currently-being-revamped MEDIA section. I'm adding detailed profiles on all the ERICROCK releases, including production notes, artwork, and full album streams (eventually) of every release. What's even better is that i'll eventually be finishing up all of those albums that have been shelved over the years (Lowfive "Threnody" EP, Shadybrookdrive "INI" EP, Softer "The Hunger Artist" EP, Lowfive "Redux" sessions). These will include fully downloadable artwork and music and will be release exclusively on the web. The past's future is now!
03.06.05 Second update today - just want to provide a little LINK to an article from the Standard Times (New Bedford) about the impending release of Payback Soundtrack.
Gotta give props to the Thrift Syndicate boys, and congratulate them on a successful CD release show last night in New Bedford. They played to a SOLD-OUT New Wave Cafe and "totally lit up the place" -- according to eyewitness reports. They also sold well over 1/10th of the entire first pressing of "Payback Soundtrack" - and it's not even officially released until this Tuesday! Much respect deserved! SHAKE THE HAND OF THE MAN. You can still get the special pre-order price/deal until Tuesday, so head over to the webstore to order your copy before they are RARE OOP! EMO VINTAGE A+++.
03.01.05 Head over to PUREVOLUME.COM to check out the entire new Thrift Syndicate album, which will be available for streaming until the street date of March 8th. For those fans local to New Bedford, stop by the CD release show on Saturday March 5 for a "special" time! Also, if you plan on pre-ordering the album from us (to get the pre-sale price and a free poster) - make sure and do that before tuesday, cuz that's when it goes bye-bye.
02.01.05 THE THRIFT SYNDICATE - PAYBACK SOUNDTRACK is now available for PRE-ORDER over in the webstore. All pre-orders are shipped as soon as we have the CD available, which will be before the street date of March 8th. Also, all pre-orders will get a free Thrift Syndicate poster along with their order. All of this can be yours for the petty sum of EIGHT U.S. DOLLARS - including shipping! Feel free to add some Lowfive/Softer items to your order while you're there!

Also, unless you can't get out of a doctor's appointment or a wedding or some crap, DON'T MISS THE CD RELEASE SHOW at the New Wave Cafe on Saturday March 5th. This will be the first place you can get the album (other than pre-order), and TTS will be sharing the stage with Lost City Angels, The Goodwill, and Letterday. Check out www.NBVip.org for more info.
01.30.05 Just a few quick updates: Unfortunately, we weren't able to find a welcoming venue for our planned Thrift Syndicate CD release extravaganza, so we had to cancel it. There WILL be a release show however, farmed out to the boys at NBVip.org. The pre-show listening party is cancelled, and the lineup is at the discretion of the promoter, so we weren't able to customize it the way we'd originally hoped. Check out the bands section for a rundown on TTS' upcoming dates.

As a result of all of hubbub, the official release date for the album has been pushed back to March 8th 2005 - 1 week later than previously scheduled. This is to allow those in attendance at the release show to get the first crack at it. After all of this wait, the album is drawing closer. 5 weeks and counting...
01.08.05 The west coast is calling...
Just a quick update to tell you that 2 mastered tracks from the Thrift Syndicate's "Payback Soundtrack" are now streamable over at Gary Radio. Additionally, you can check out the tracks over at purevolume and myspace. Enjoy!
01.03.05 And the calendar turns...
2004 definitely did not live up to the hype, but i have a better feeling about 2005, as records are actually nearing release (for real this time). Promising new groups are being uncovered, and enthusiasm about promotions is slowly being renewed. In the world of the www, I've filled in some of the sections over in services, and added a tour schedule over on bands street. I've made lots of other small revisions in general formatting, and updated links/faqs/etc.
Speaking of the TTS album, Payback Soundtrack has a scheduled street date of March 1, 2005, although that doesn't really mean anything, because we're not really pushing it at "stores" (or streets). We're planning the official CD release show for Saturday February 26th down in Thrift's hometown of New Bedford MA, or as it is known among pirates and sailors, "The Whaling City". This will be a big event with a pre-show listening party and lots of special guests. Stay tuned for a pre-order date and other fancy stuff.
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